Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Hey there now!

It's good to see that some people have found the new Tunnel Rats website. I don't have time for much of an update right now. But I figure a couple of quick bullet items are warranted:

1. Well, barring a total miracle phone call tomorrow AM, it looks like I will NOT be going to Houston to see the Patriots win the Superbowl as a free-lance writer for the Christian Science Monitor. Me and the Swede worked every angle we could, but alas it didn't work out. I knew it was a slim chance going in. I do regret missing Antiseen, the Jabbers and the Dead Kings in Philly last weekend though. I stayed up here in NH to do extra work on my current free-lance gig in case I had to bail on them to head to Texas. I heard it was a great time though (of course).

2. In regards to the Superbowl, here is my BRIEF take on it. The Panthers are a very dangerous team and one that can not be taken lightly. Luckily, the Patriots don't ever fall into that trap. The coaching staff does not allow it. The DL of the Panthers is dangerous, however our OL is better than advertised. The Patriots have faced a BUNCH of great DLs this season. Two of which are even better than Carolina's. Those being the Titans (twice) and Buffalo's (also twice). You can throw Miami and Dallas in there as well, although the Panther's DL is slightly better than those other two teams. The fact of the matter is, we won all of those games (except for the 1st Buffalo game).
Before I make this too long, let me tell you what the Patriots are going to try and do.
On offense:
The Patriots will use a lot of 3 and 4 WR sets, keeping at least one TE (Daniel Graham, the better blocker) on the side where Julius Peppers lines up. Peppers is very much like Dwight Freeney of the Colts, and by double-teaming him with a T (Matt Light) and a TE, Peppers should be neutralized. Antoine Smith and Larry Centers will be the RB and FB for most of the game. But you will see Kevin Faulk on 3rd down. Look for the Pats to run towards Peppers' side when the ball is lined up on the strong side. Also look for Troy Brown to be the slot receiver. I guarantee the Pats love the idea of Troy Brown going up against Rick Manning Jr. No one runs better routes than Troy Brown, and since he takes hits from Rodney Harrison in practice, there's no way he'll be intimated by anything Manning and Minter throw him at him in terms of physicality. Of course I'm assuming the Panthers won't blitz much. It will be too risky if the Pats go to their spread formations for short throws. If they do blitz, they're in big trouble, as I'm sure Coach Fox has already figured out.
Damn, I'm outta time for now, I have to head out. I'll finish this later. Anyone who wishes to converse on the matter can click on the e-mail link at the tunnel rats homepage


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