Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Now that was a fucking bender!

And let me tell ya, nothing disappoints me more than the fact I had to bail out after 2 weeks. If the Patriots had won in my younger days I could have lasted at least 6 weeks, maybe even 2 months. But such is life.

The worst disappointment was not being able to get to Houston to witness the game in person. Hell, we all know that one of the Tunnel Rats staunchest allies is MC ToofDK of Baloney Shrapnel records fame. He's had our back from the start of this band. In those old days he lived in Phoenix, but now he lives in H-Town itself. Man that dude has so many connections it's sick! I know if I had been able to pull it off I would have been drinking some Old English down in the 5th ward with Toofies' (that's what we call him) homies. Man, I may have bailed on going to the game if I could have been doing that.
Nah, I'm talking shit now, but if I was drunk enough, you never know.

A lot of y'all may not realize, but one of our biggest influences when we first started was H-Town's most infamous son Ganksta NIP. Hell, he makes Scarface, Bushwick and all those other South Park horror-core artists look like fucking P-Diddy. His album "the South Park Psycho" is rated number 1 on my own MUST FUCKING BUY ASAP list. So here's a quick shoutout to our man MC ToofDK.

And I'd be remiss in not throwing a shout out to one of our lyrical inspirations, Ganksta NIP. Whenever anyone asks (or axes) me how to describe NIP, I just say "If GG Allin was black, he would have been NIP". And it's pretty damn accurate, especially when you listen to songs like "Disgusting" and "Smoking Amp".

Oh, and before I forget, it looks like ya'll be able to check us out on SATURDAY March 6TH at Swedenborgia Church in Portland MAINE .Show starts at 5PM and goes to around 9PM
The headliners are the TRANSPLANTS! This is a once in a lifetime reunion gig for these guys. So don't go to see us, go to see them! It should be fucking kickass!

Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Superbowl Champions!

Sorry I never got around to my final game analysis. In the end, I wasn't really spot on anyway. I was right on the Patriots exploiting Ricky Manning Jr. though. Did y'all see the replay of David Givens just tossing his ass to the ground as soon as the ball was snapped?
Still, I have to give mucho kudos to the Carolina Panthers. Those boys came to play an then they were by far the toughest test the Patriots faced all year.
Well I'm still in the middle, at least, of my post Superbowl victory bender, so I have some drinkin' to take care of.
Rock out, Duke