Thursday, March 18, 2004

Dr. DesRosiers

I was going through a bunch of old stuff today. Mainly looking for old Tunnel Rats Pics and stuff to put on the website. In this big box of crap, I found a single page of a final exam I took back at the University of New Hampshire in 1993. It was taken right about when the Tunnel Rats were first starting.

In any event, the professor was Dr. DesRosiers. He was the greatest teacher I ever had. I took 4 classes with him during my time at UNH, and he was the most demanding teacher I had (or have) experienced. He fucking made you work ass off. He had such a genuine love for what he taught (Classics) that it was infectious to anyone who wanted to learn. All of his classes met only once a week, at night, for 4 hours. In the first class of every semester he would put you through a 4 hour torture session, trying to weed out the weak. It always worked. By the time of the 2nd class, the total amount of students usually had gone from about 30 to around 10. By week 2, we were usually down to around 6 or 7. I was so bored by college, except when I was ina class with Dr. DesRosiers. I wish I could describe him physically, because he was unique, but even with my fair talents with the written word, I can't do him justice. However I will tell you that he always carried a long pointer (about 3 feet long) and would always challenge students by Pearl Harboring them with a question during his lecture whilst jabbing them (even women) in the chest with his pointer. He also called everyone by "Mr" or "Ms". When I ran into him at the grocery store 5 years after I graduated, I was still "Mr." Anyway, here's the one page from the exam. It was a total of 8 pages for a final exam that took everyone 4-5 hours to complete.

Y'all know what blue books are? They're the little notebook-like things that you're supposed to use for writing answers to Essay questions for exams. Who knows if they still use them today. Anyway, I filled up FIVE blue books on this exam. However my final grade was a 107. How I still remember that I have no idea. But I know the highest possible grade was 110 (with bonus questions).
The good Dr. has retired. Which is a shame for all the students at my alma mater. But I wanted to take the time to note he's a great man and an even better teacher. I would definitely not be who I am today without the 4 years of study I had with him. And that's a fact, JACK.

EDIT. I actually did find a picture of the good Dr. But it really doesn'y do him justice.

Oh, and anyone who wants to answer these questions, please feel free to e-mail me your essay. The best submission will be posted on this here blog.


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