Monday, March 22, 2004

I Love Redd Kross

Perhaps you saw our homepage a couple of weeks ago where I mentioned I Love Redd Kross. If you didn't, now you know that I LOVE Redd Kross.
If you don't like them, then I don't like you. I even took a picture of all my Redd Kross records to share with you.

I know there are other Redd Kross records out there. I even have a really old 7-inch. However I was too lazy to dig through all of my 7-inches to add to the picture. I even have a bootleg audio tape of a show of Redd Kross. Redd Kross is so good that even the bootleg live tape is great.

Do not ask to borrow my Redd Kross records. Do not ask me to tape my Red Kross records for you. I am a generous man, but not when it comes to my Redd Kross records. Get your own damn Redd Kross records! I will also not sell my Redd Kross records, for any price. I don't believe you have the money you would offer. I know someone out there wants to steal my Redd Kross records. That's why I have numerous guns hidden around my home. There's pretty much no room in the house where you could try and attack me in order to steal my Redd Kross records. I would, at least, have a pretty good chance of killing you first. I am always prepared to defend my Redd Kross records.

I also found this record in the middle of my Redd Kross records.

I think it came from Mara's grandmother who died a couple of years ago. How it managed to cross the room and insert itself into my Redd Kross records I don't know. I was mad at first, but when I looked at the cover I thought it must have been fate. I think this must be the Latvian version of Redd Kross. I have no idea what AK! in Latvian means, but I bet it's something cool like "fuck".


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