Monday, March 15, 2004

I must say I had one of the weirder experiences I've had in my life the day of our show in Portland, Maine (3/6/04).
Before we left for the show we were all hanging out and drinking beers and shooting the shit. Someone (Tony I think) noticed the video of the Confederacy of Scum Supershow from 1997. So I threw it in there to watch while we had an hour to kill.
Eventually Conqueror Worm's set came on. I was commenting how fucking cool Simon Stokes is, when it suddenly dawned on me. I pulled out the photo I had taken of Simon and myself at the COS Supershow in 1998 in Charlotte, NC. I'm all bloody and fucked up and there is Simon, with his arm wrapped tightly around my shoulder grinning like a banshee. I said at that moment "I think this is my favorite Tunnel Rats picture EVER".
Flash ahead about 2 hours later. We show up a the church in Portland where we will be playing. I go up to the door and chat with Jordan from Big Meat Hammer and the Transplants for a bit. I haven't seen him since 1997 or so. Anyway, he has to run off, and this older walks up to me and extends his hand. He says "Man I haven't seen you guys since 1998 at the Tremont in Charlotte. I can't wait to see you guys again."
I'm shocked to be in tiny Portland, Maine to have a guy who was actually at that show in NC. I ask him "You were really there?" and he replies "You don't remember me? I was the guy you handed your camera to and you asked me to take a picture with you and Simon Stokes, you were all bloody and shit."
Isn't that fucking WEIRD?
Anyway here is a copy of the picture in question.



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