Monday, March 29, 2004

A Night With the Methadones 

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This past Saturday night was a great night for the Tunnel Rats. Back in the day when we first started, Mara Beaverpants was lucky enough to play host to Dan Vapid while he was up in New Hampshire doing some work for the Queers. Needless to say, Mara, B-Face, and myself had a great time partying with Vapid back then. Many drunken nights of late night drinking were had by all.

The fact of the matter is, with the exception of B-face, none of us have had a chance to see Vapid since 1995, when the Tunnel Rats played Kansas City, and Vapid rolled into town the next night with the Queers.

I can't say enough good things about Vapid's new band the Methadones. Granted they've been around for awhile, but I had not seen them live yet. They played one fucking INCREDIBLE set at the Abbey Lounge in Cambridge, MA this past Saturday. Now perhaps there are many Tunnel Rats fans out there that are skeptical. I will agree that the Methadones are very different from the Tunnel Rats. However, they are hardly a "pop-punk" band. I'm sure that's a pigeon-hole Vapid gets shoved into far too often. The Methadones are ROCK-N-ROLL. Not poppy at all in my opinion. I can't recommend them enough.

Of course, my life being what it is, I can't just go out in the big city and enjoy seeing an old friend.
Let me begin my tale now.
We arrive at the club very early, in order to hang out with Vapid and shoot the shit. Here's a picture of 3 old friends reuniting: Mara, B-Face and Vapid

The night just got better from there. The drinking got heavier and heavier. As can be seen by this photo of Vapid and Mara (Note Vapid not just double fisting, but TRIPLE fisting!)

Shortly after this, we were all shocked when former Tunnel Rats drummer and current Jabbers front man Wimpy showed up! This was a pleasant surprise, and of course instigated more drinking. As shown below in this pic.

However, the surprises were not over yet! Soon after Wimpy arrived, we were shocked at the arrival of John Felice, legendary founder of the Real Kids! Shown below is one classic picture! Wimpy, Vapid, Felice, and then two douchebags named Duke and Mara.

But of course, such a fun night can not occur in Duke's life without a mishap of some sort. It all started with Duke spending some good time with his friend Tamara. I have taken the liberty to Photoshop the pic below to highlight the start of the troubles. Look at the highlighted section.

Of course I was unaware of this vile attack on my character at the time. However, look at the VERY NEXT picture taken by the camera. Once again I have taken the liberty to use Photoshop to highlight the details.

In this picture, my aggressor makes the horrible mistake of ASSUMING I won't notice he's flipping me the bird. However, as you can see by my finger extending outward, and the gradual appearance of my Incredible Hulk like rage spewing forth, that there's going to be a problem. Notice how my long-time friend B-Face can already see it happening, as if by second nature. He's clearly aware that he may need to intervene.

Now who is this man who is so flippant with flipping the bird to Duke? He is the Kraut. He used to be in the Cretins, a very fine band that we played quite a few shows with. Why he feels the need to try and sneakily flip Duke the bird, I have no idea. In fact, I went through all of my photo archives, and the only picture I could find of the Kraut is the following:

Now of course I want to take my revenge on the Kraut, once I realize what he's up to, by the only means I have at hand: A broken bottle and/or my fist. However, B-face and our good friend Daly attempt to talk me out of it.

However, Tony of the Tunnel Rats and Rick from the Guts, have their reaction to such a peacenik recourse.

In the end, I stew on my anger while everyone goes into the main room to watch the opening acts. This works out in my favor, as you can tell by all of the unattended beers people left within my easy grasp. Needless to say EVERYONE came back to an empty glass/bottle.

However, I did make it into the main room to see the Methadones. Who, like I already said, completely rocked the shit out of the Abbey Lounge.

And, as luck would have it, my patience paid off. Here is a picture of Malibu Lou, the man who has set up our gig at the Abbey lounge on May 10th, giving me a big thumbs up in recognition of my ability to control my rage. So yes, the show on 5/10 is still on!


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