Saturday, March 20, 2004

Weird Dream

So I just woke up from this dream.
I'm living in the Pacific Northwest with Widomwaker in this small town. Wid's old man is the sheriff. Me and Wid work in a casino in this tiny town. The casino is made up of two tiny rooms. And there's never anybody in there.
I win this contest that says I get 100 bucks a week for TEN YEARS to use in the casino. I'm excited, because I figure fuck that shit, it's just an extra 100 bucks I can do whatever I want with. Then I find out the casino gives it to me in special chips that can only be used in poker or roulette. AND you can't cash these chips these in for cash. Basically it'a deal where I have to gamble all these chips away every week until they are gone, or I've made some $ with real chips. But I still can't cash the ones I started with. (Which is probably something a real casino would do anyway)
In any event this pisses both me and Wid off, so we start a big scene overturning tables western movie style, and breaking windows etc. This brings the sheriff in (can't remember what he looked like) and his deputy, who is Alex Rodrigues (A-Rod). This quickly gets ugly because the Sheriff is Wid's father, and A-rod is his brother.
My memory gets hazy now, but I know we decide to bail outta town after a "serious" discussion with the sheriff and A-rod in their squad car. The next thing I know we're in this boat with Mara and my old man in the south pacific and come acrooss this massive ruin full of Roman columns and shit rising up out of the water. Wid casually observes that this is an ancient fish catching spot. I find that strange becuase I would like to think I had heard about this place before. Then I woke up.
What does it all mean?!?!


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