Monday, April 05, 2004

Being "Busy as a Beaver DOES NOT PAY! 

Over the past 4 days we've had some major flooding around these here parts. Of course this is all relative. It's not like some of the floods I've seen in the Midwest (back in 1993 near St. Louis), or in Houston (around 1997 or so). However for us up here in near natural diasaster-proof New Hampshire, it was fairly bad.

In the tiny town in which I reside, two of the "main" roads through town were closed, and a lot of the back roads were also shut down. This morning I had to drive about 50 miles south on a job. During my drive, in the first 10 miles through my town ALONE I counted TEN Beavers that had been killed by cars. All in all I counted 24 roadkill Beavers on my ride.

In this area, we have a lot of roadkill, but I can say with some authority that a roadkill beaver is very rare.

I was kind of confused by this at first, until I realized where the first 10 dead Beavers I had seen in my area were all located. You see, it was all near where roads had been heavily flooded. Then it dawned on me. These beavers had brought about their own destruction by destroying their environment! The very dams these beavers had built had caused such massive flooding that were forced to flee for their lives into areas that they were very unused to trying in which to survive; mainly roads and oncoming cars.

So the next time some uber-environmentalist freak says only humans are horrible and evil enough to destroy their environment to such an extent that it will destroy their own civilizations and those of native species around them, say "WRONG!". Then point out my very true tale about how Beavers are more than willing to completely wreck their surrounding territory, and those of the species with which they supposedly co-exist. Usually they destroy it so much, they are forced to move on to a new territory on which to wreak their havoc. However, sometimes nature decides to exact revenge on their rash behavoir. That's when you get the Beaver roadkill plague of 2004, at least here in New Hampshire.

Unfortunately on my ride today I did not have my camera. I did a google search to try and find a pic of a roadkill beaver for all of you to no avail. However, using the search term "roadkill" I did find this pic which pretty much tells the correct tale. I think.


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