Friday, April 09, 2004

Gone Fishing! 

We had fun last night down at the bar celebrating my B-Day. Special thanks go out to Mara, the Swede, Captain Leech, Big Nasty, Cheryl, Scott, Syd, Cathy, Lenny and the rest for making it a very good time.

Today, after going to work for half a day (it got really boring so I left), and then hitting the bar for a bit, I decided it was warm enough to hit the fishing hole.

I have 500 acres of woods behind my house ( no, I don't own it, but no one else ever dares go out there), and if I take my secret path through the woods I get to my own private fishing hole. People obviously used to know about it, as I have to cross this ancient death bridge to get to the shore.

You know who I think built this bridge about 30 years ago? CARLTON FISK! The baseball hall-of-famer. He's from NH, and used to own this huge block of land. He used it to hunt and fish.

Anyway, I went out here for about 2 hours. I only got a couple of bites. The fish are still moving too slow cuz of the cold water. If I had used live bait I probably would have had better luck. Unfortunately, because of fucking BEAVERS, the bottom of the pond is covered in old branches from an abandoned beaver dam that has partly washed away. So that rules out jigs that crawl across the bottom etc. You need some worms and shit near the surface to lure the bass and pickerel to come that close to the surface.
Either way I had fun drinking a 6-pack whilst sitting HERE

Tomorrow I promise to provide my step-by-step recipe for smoking up an awesome pork shoulder to make a whole pile of pulled pork sandwiches, just because I care about y'all.


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