Friday, April 02, 2004

Skiing in the clouds 

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Yesterday me, Mara, Ali and Daly went up to Waterville Valley here in New Hampshire to ski/snowboard.

Note: Duke skis, and does not snowboard. I reckon that makes me fucking OLD SCHOOL. I also ski because, like how many artists are endorsed by guitar string makers, drum makers etc., Duke is endorsed by BLIZZARD skis. Below is my official BLIZZARD endorsement photo. Nothing beats an Austrian made ski my friends. I'd tell y'all what bindings and boots I use, but they aren't PAYING ME!

Anyhow, we went up there because Waterville was charging 1 buck for a lift ticket. For those who may not be familiar with how fucking expensive skiing is, lets just say that price was about 40 bucks cheaper than it would normally cost for a Thursday. And about 59 bucks cheaper than a weekend ticket.

It was definitely a surreal day. It was warm and rainy out, which caused the cloud cover to be really low. Basically, the entire top half of the mountain was in the clouds. Also, the trails were barely adequate for skiing. There were huge bald patches of earth and rocks, and then big patches of both solid ice and slush. When you got off the lift at the top you could not see more than 10 feet in front of you. When we were going down black and double-black diamond trails, it was actually pretty fucking cool. Daly was snowboarding in front of me, and if he got over 10 feet ahead of me, I could just barely see him. And when you're dealing with slopes that are very steep, you couldn't see a bald patch, or a big rock until you were just about on top of it. I had one experience where I came over a big ledge catching some air and had to land on one ski to avoid my other BLIZZARD ski landing on a rock. In a complete miracle, I did not crash and burn when that happened, even though I had about 5 beers in me. I didn't fall all day, but I may as well have. Between being in the clouds, and having it rain, I was fucking soaked. But for a buck, it was totally worth it.

Lastly, a big thank you to all of you people who DID NOT show up for this great deal. We pretty much had the mountain to ourselves and it made a much better experience. I was dreading dealing with all you douchebags.


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