Friday, May 07, 2004

Otis, as tough as his namesake (OTIS SISTRUNK!) 

Well it's been a real busy couple of weeks up here in these parts. Between work, getting the garden going, trying to write songs for our record, practicing for shows, and getting ready to leave for Portugal next week I've had almost barely enough to keep up my drinking. However, have no fear faithful readers, that is one thing I will always find time for.

I am not the only to have had a tough couple of weeks. We've had huge temperature swings, with one day being 80, followed by 2 nights in a row of 32 degrees. It's been hard on poor Otis. I watched the weather faithfully, and if it was going to be a cold night, I would rush out and place him underneath a cut-off milk jug to try and keep him warm. I avoided overwatering to protect his roots in case of freeze. You name it, I tried it. Even up to a couple of days ago, I thought he was a goner for sure. Here he is:

As you can see I had to trim off the parts of him that died, but he has since sprouted 2 new leaves! He's gonna pull through this, I can feel it. And he'll be all the tougher for having survived, I think. I've also added a new page where I'll place all of the Otis pics over time, so you won't have to go through the archives to see the series.
OTIS Archives

And since we're speaking of things coming back to life, yes it's true the CREVANATORMOBILE is back on the streets! The salt has been washed away from the roads! The weather is warm! It's time to instill fear back into the hearts of old people and little children as I race around the backroads with my 400 horsepower of pure hatred.

Well I gotta run for now. I need to take the Crevanatormobile down to the station to get inspected.
BTW, We are playing the Abbey Lounge this MONDAY! It's in Cambridge, MA. A great lineup too. Us, the Guts (NH), the Vapids (Canada) and our good friend JJ Nobody's new band Drag the River (Colorado). See you there!


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