Tuesday, June 08, 2004


Yes, it truly is turtle time. That time of year when the Crevanator Compound is overrun by Painted Turtles, desperate to bury their eggs in the moist, fertile soil that is Duke's property. But I only know it's TRULY turtle time when Big-Momma painted turtle arrives and buries her eggs right outside my back porch. You see, she's been doing this for 5 straight years. So when over the last 4 days I saw Turtles crossing the road, hanging out on my driveway, and even being roadkill, I knew the time was not yet ripe. No, faithful readers, it is not truly TURTLE TIME until I nearly step on this fairly large (for a Painted Turtle) Big Momma when I wander down my back steps with the first celebratory end-of-work-day fistfull of booze firmly in hand.
Today, that very event occurred. There she was, in all of her digging glory, about 5 feet away from where she laid her eggs last year.

It was good to see her. There are shitloads of predators in the fishing holes where she lives about 200 yards behind the Compound. But, knock on wood, this is her fifth year running. Let's hope she can make it through to year six. Like our pair of Flycatchers( a bird) that has migrated to the Compound for 5 years straight as well, her arrival is a sign that things are A-OK in my world.
As an added bonus, we discovered this little dude wandering around inside the walls of the compound.

There is no WAY he (or she) just could have hatched. Painted Turtles (as far as I know) only stay underground for 2-3 months before they hatch. So what this little dude was doing so far away from water is beyond my understanding. No matter what the sex, they are way too small to be breeding. Perhaps an enlightened Zoologist will write in and fill us all in.
Lastly, we are playing Philly this Saturday. There are a bunch of people coming dwon from NH, MA, and NYC. Why not join them? It's a killer fucking line-up with us, the Bad Vibes, The Jukebox Zeroes, and of course the JABBERS! You can't miss with this gig. If you're within 3 hours driving, you had better show up!

PS. Otis update coming tomorrow, or Friday.


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