Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Quick Update 

Well the Philly show was a lot of fun. A BIG thanks to Larry and Leslie for letting us crash at their home. All of the bands played great, including us for a change. I'm looking forward to playing two more gigs with the Jabbers over the next couple of weeks. They keep getting better every time I see them. Their new record should be out in July on Steel Cage Records. I've heard some rough mixes, and this shit is gonna fucking rock, believe me.
We were lucky to pick up a roadie for our trip to Phillie. Necro, erstwhile scrub-board player of the Kings of 'Nuthin came along. It looks like he's going to head on up to Montreal this weekend as well.
Anyway, for more info on the Philly trip, check out our guitar player Antonio Bandlocos' audio blog by clicking here.
As for other news, there ain't much. I'm going into the studio next week to complete some songs for a very special comp that is due out later this year. I'm not sure if I can give away the details yet, so that's all I'll say. I can promise there will be 8 kick-ass bands on it.
Today, me and Necro are gonna build a new place for my smoker and my new (very old) wood stove. I'm gonna be able to cook my baked beans and boil corn and shit while smoking my BBQ. Then we'll hit the fishing hole, the bar, and get back in time for rehearsal for Montreal. Ayup, I reckon this is gonna be a good day.


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