Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Clarification on Ass Grab Alley 

Captain Leech, in the comment section of the previous entry, made a very good point. Ass Grab Alley was truly "open season". I myself got my ass grabbed by many a fine lass, while plying my trade as an ass grabber in ass grab alley. However, out of all the males practicing their artistic craft in the alley, no one exceeded Tunnel Rats ally and close friend Fred in their efforts to not only grab some opposite sex ass, but have the opposite sex grab his own. Allow me to demonstrate:

Here, Fred does his best to trick Misha into traveling the mere three feet to the border of Ass Grab Alley. Unfortunately to no avail.
Finally, in frustration of not getting his own ass grabbed often enough by a hot girl, Fred resorts to extreme measures.

And, to be fair, there was a fair amount of same sex ass grabbing going on. It got so serious between Doody and Mara, none of us was sure where it might lead.

And, in closing, to quote Deuce Frehley in the previous post's comment section: "Good to see some people refuse to grow up."
Fucking-A right on Deuce. Because a grown-up world with no ass grab alley is a pretty fucking lame place to live. After all, we're ALL gonna be dead someday. That alone should be the perfect lesson that there is very little in this world worth taking seriously.


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