Sunday, July 04, 2004

New Member of the Tunnel Rats! 

Yes, here I am in our practice space, holding aloft the newest member of the band. All the way from Houston, TX comes the Epiphone 7-string Flying V.
I stopped playing guitar back in 1999 or so for the band, but I still help write tunes and lately I decided that for 3 or 4 songs in a set, I just may throw on a guitar to play, especially with some of the new songs we've been working on. To celebrate this occassion, I decided I needed a new guitar, and, as fate obviously planned, I came across this guitar on Ebay on my first search, and got it for a great deal.
So look forward to a few live tunes, and on our new recordings, where Duke once again plays guitar, and uses it as a weapon as the situation warrants.
Now, it being the 4th of July and since we've been boozing all afternoon (and all last night), I'm off to another party to do some more.


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