Monday, July 19, 2004

Tony Scum and the Ass Grabbers (To beat an ongoing theme into the ground

It's funny, the whole thing that made me even remember all the photos I had of Ass Grab Alley was a night about a week ago where we had a bunch of people over and, shockingly, we were all incredibly wasted. Of course, I totally forgot about that night as well, until I got an e-mail from Scott at Lollipop Magazine. See, I was WAY late on my review of the new Die Hunns record, which now features Duane Peters (of course) and Corey Parks, formerly of Nashville Pussy. While writing the review, I realized that I had, in fact, formed another so-called "super" group, while jamming that night.

Here we have Geoff Useless from the Guts on bass, Harlan from the Tunnel Rats on guitar, Mara from the Tunnel Rats on the wooden block, My handsome self on the Hunting Bugle, and Mike O'Donnell of the Jabbers on drums. What is missing? A singer of course! But I am sure someday, Tony Scum will make his way over from Portugal to the USA to fill out the line-up.  In the meantime, Tony Scum and the Ass Grabbers will wait patiently until PAAAARRRAAAAADDDDIIIISSSEEE!!!!!!!!. (Only those fortunate few who have heard Tony Scum's songs will appreciate that, but that was the point anyway).
PS. Otis Update coming as soon as it stops fucking raining up here.


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