Tuesday, August 24, 2004

FIRST OFF. http://thetunnelrats.com should be back up tonight. It's still all broken and stuff in terms of pic etc., but it will be fixed soon. Anyway, this past Friday night Mara and I were down at the bar with Captain Leech, Copy Jon, Tattoo Jon, Big Nasty, Little Ann, Big Ann, Scott, and many more. Just as we were leaving, a massive thunderstorm broke. This was a real MidWest type storm. We were excited about this, because since our ride home, for the most part, takes place on deserted farm roads. the toad hunting is pretty damn sweet. We already have plenty of toads protecting our own crops, but since we have so many fucking bugs, you can't have too many toads. This night we got 5 new toads to import onto the compound (I think we've brought in about 20 this year). Here they are shortly before they were released. Oh, BTW the torrential rain makes toads flee from their holes and onto roads, where it's relatively dry. Then we nab 'em. (Actually Mara does, I sit in the car and supervise) Posted by Hello


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