Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Here's another pic at another angle of the toads.The other pic is of a huge bull frog we nabbed on our way home from the bar about 2 month ago. He's made himself quite a home here. For the longest time, he was camped out in our corn field, which is right next to our kiddie pool. One of those 3 foot deep things, and about 15 feet wide with a filter. In any event, as the summer has progressed we haven't been using the pool and therefore not dumping chemicals in it and the like. Today, I noticed that the bull frog ahs figured out that it is nos safe to go into the water. He's pretty psyched now. If anyone come after him (which I suspect my cats have) he's already figured out to dive in to the bottom. We've decided the pool is his for the rest of the summer. Although this fall I'll bring him out to the fishing hole to make sure he can find a place to hibernate for the winter. That's it for now. Just got too much on my plate. Posted by Hello


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