Thursday, September 16, 2004

Duke's NFL Picks WEEK TWO

I have to do a quickie here, as I leave to pick up H Vasco Conin shortly. As usual, my picks are in bold

@Detroit8pts Houston

Detroit looked good on offense vs the Bears last week. Their D was decent as well. Meanwhile, Houston's supposedly rebuilt D looked awfule at home vs the Chargers. I like the Lions at home even with Charles Rogers out. It will be close, but Lions cover

Pats 8pts @Arizona

Yes, the Cardinals looked impressive in a losing effort at St. Louis last week. Yes, they held the high and mighty Rams to 17 points, while scoring 10 themselves. Oh, and I am well aware that this game is in AZ, where it will be about 95 degrees. Despite all that, the Patriots will cover, even with this high spread.

@Atlanta 2.5 St Louie

This is a tough one, as the Rams only scored 17 at home last week, however that was mostly red zone issues that hopefully have been fixed. In any event, the Falcons D didn't look so hot against a woeful 49ers team either. I think the Rams win outright.

@Baltimore 4 Pitts

This is a real tough one. I know the Ravens only scored 3 against the Browns last week, and looked awful on D at times too. However, in Baltimore, against a Steelers D that looked shaky vs Oakland, I say the Ravens cover.

@Cincie 4.5 Miami

This spread is a little high for my tastes, but with D being the only thing Miami has, and with Patrick Surtain out, I have to say Cincy wins and covers.

@Dallas 4 Cleveland

Dallas' defense will not have the trouble they had with the Vikes when they play the Browns. Jeff Garcia is no Culpepper, and there is no one on the Browns in the same universe as Randy Moss. Even though the Browns D showed up last week, I think they may have blown their load.

Denver 3 @Jax

I realize that the Jags beat Buffalo last week on the road, but Leftwhich was horrible until that last drive. Meanwhile the Broncos looked dominate vs. the Chiefs. Denver covers easily.

@GBay 9 Chicago

Man I do not like how high this spread is, but I can't in good conscience pick the Bears to cover. They got their asses kicked at home by the Lions. And Green Bay whupped up on the Panthers in Carolina. And with Mike McKenzie back for the Pack, I think Rex Grossman has a LONG day.

@KC 6 Carolina

Another really hard pick. However Arrowhead is one tough place to play, and considering how Ahman Green ran all over the Panthers I think the Chiefs cover. Priest Holmes is probably already drooling, as KCs O-Line is even better than Green bay's. However, look for a high scoring game, as Davis and Delhomme will keep the Panthers close, just not within 6 points, especially with WR Steve Smith out.

@NO 7 SanFran

The 49ers looked good at home vs the Falcons. But with Rattay out at QB, and with a young team in hostile territory, look for the Saints to win big. McCalister was emabarassed last week, look for him to be out for a big day to make up for it.

NYJets 3 @SanDiego

I don't want to call what the Chargers did last week a fluke, fuck it, I DO want to call it a fluke. Considering how the Jets totally shut down Rudi Johnson last week, look for more of the same this week. They won't do as good as a job vs Tomlinson, but they'd much rather have Brees try to beat them. Look for a big day for Pennington of the Jets. NY covers easy. This is my "Lock of the Week"

@Oakland 3.5 Buffalo

The Raiders looked pretty good in a losing effort on the road last week. The Bills looked horrible in a losing effort at home. That's enough for me. Raiders cover. As for McGahee, with Henry hurt, looks like he'll get his first chance to play a lot. Too bad he'll have to try and get through Washington and Sapp. Good luck Willis.

Seattle 3 @TBay

Seatle was a terrible road game player last year, but they won last week. Tampa's O was beyond lame vs. the 'Skins D. Now they face Seattle who is even better. Looks like Hasselback will have to win this game for the 'Hawks on his own, with Alexander doubtful, but he can do that. Tampa's D ain't what it once was. Big day for Koren Robinson I think after being horrible last week.

@Tenn 1.5 Indie

This is the hardest game to pick. I'm going with TN, even though their O is riddled with injuries. I just think that this will turn into a defensive battle and the home field will pull the Titans through.

Wash 3 @ NYGiants

While the "Skins didn't look like Superbowl contenders last week, they looked good enough to steamroll the Giants this week. Clinton Portis will run all over these guys, and Jesus Freak Kurt Warner will feel like Job before the 3rd quarter is over.

@Philie 3.5 Minn

Wow, now this truly is a game of the week. As often happens, it comes down to home field, and the Eagles have it. McNabb is better than Testerverde, T.O. is better than Terry Glenn, and Westbrook is better than Eddie George, so you have to think Philly will score a lot of points. However, the Iggles secondary is suspect, so I predict a very high scoring affair with big numbers for Moss and Dante. However, Eagles will cover and win.


At 3:38 PM, Blogger CptLeech said...

Well I'll have to disagree with you Duke on three games. As much as I hate Gomer Manning I just can't see Indy opening 0-2. The Colts beat them twice last year and I see them doing it again. Another tough one but I just hated watching Philly act like they won the Super Bowl while beating up on an aweful Giants team. The NYG are the worst team in football. Christ, the UNH Wildcats would give them a run for their money. I see a high scoring affair with the Vikes pulling away in the fourth. Lastly, I see Miami at least covering vs Cincy. Curtis Martin ran for almost 200 last week against an overrated team. Now I know Gordon is no Martin but he looked ok at times with only one day of practice. With a week to grasp the O I say he puts up pretty good numbers and helps the Phins keep it real close.

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