Thursday, September 02, 2004

Holy Flashbacks

Ayup, this here pic was taken from this past weekend. Granted, the pic would appear to be from a veritable Tunnel Rats reunion of the lineup of 1994-97, what with Sgt Rox, myself and Bernie in an obvious state of complete and total annihilation gawking at a camera.
Actually it kind of was. We were down in Beverly, MA for the wedding of Bad Ass Ayotte. Back in 1993 when the Tunnel Rats first started, Ayotte was often at our rehearsals, going to Marty's, the Bowery and any other number of places where naked women, numerous illegal substances and lots of booze were to be found.
Who can forget the time we all went to the Bowery, got all fucked up on at least 3 substances apiece, and on the way home Ayotte decided his 1985 Audi Quattro was fully capable of being a beach vehicle? Actually I nearly forgot about it. I just remembered as I was typing this.
All I do remember is me and B-Face following Bernie and Ayotte down the main drag on Hampton Beach, NH. Suddenly, Ayotte, swerved down a side road, that I knew was a dead end, unless of course you wanted to take a spin on the beach. Since me and B-face were in his piece of crap Cavalier, and we were drinking from open beers, and empty beer bottles were up to our knees, we said "Fuck that" and kept going. Come to find out Ayotte's Audi did OK for awhile, but it inevitably became stuck. I believe (Bernie feel free to comment here in case I'm wrong) Ayotte made Bernie get in the drivers seat while he managed to get the car unstuck and off the beach through pure adrenaline. I still can't believe the cops didn't notice them out there.
In any event, Ayotte's wedding was a spectacle that made it feel like 10 years had never passed. I know that because by about 3 AM, Bernie and I had both puked. By 4 AM I was still drinking heavily, and playing the game where I would stand perfectly still for about a minute, then inexplicably stumble about 4 steps, then stand still again. And of course, I eventually woke up on the beach (the place for the wedding was on the ocean), covered in sand, clutching a fancy table cloth I had apparently stolen from one of the tables for the reception around my shivering body. I looked around blearily, and saw Sgt Rox about 5 feet away in the same position, also covered in a stolen table cloth. And there, about 15 feet away was a guy with his 2 kids, aged about 3 and 7, staring at us in horror.
The funny thing is, Ayotte now lives in Austin, so those of you going to the Supershow may get to witness scenes like this yourself in jut a few weeks.


At 2:17 AM, Blogger B-Face said...

That Cavalier was a fine piece of machinery, Duke. I'm truly distraught that you didn't realize that. I mean, it was an '86, maaaaan! 4-cylinder dood! Push-button radio.
Well shit, it got your scurvy ass home that night.
As an aside, on another strip-club sojourn, Bernie and I decided to get a slice of pizza or six on our way out of the joint, so we did, and passed out later at his place. I woke up to said Cavalier being plowed in after a late-night nor'easter. 2 feet of white on the ground. I couldn't budge it as the tires kept spinning on packed ice. No traction. I was about to give up when I spotted a frozen slice of Salisbury Beach-bought "pizza" face down on the back seat with a paper plate on top. Flash of inspiration. Jammed it under a rear wheel, gunned it, got traction, and away I went. True story.

At 10:10 AM, Blogger BurN said...

Holy Flashback is right. I think that pic was taking just as things started setting in. Damn. The wife and I didn't get back to reality until Tuesday. What a party.

It was nice to see Bad Ass is still practicing the ways of a professional partier. He hasn't slowed down one bit.

That Bowery night that we ended up on the beach was definitely a great night. Bad Ass was sure he could drive that car up and down the beach. Got half way to the water, and the sand was up to the doors. I was not in any state of mind to even get up out of my seat, but somehow managed to get in the drivers seat and steer the car out as Bad Ass "found some energy" to get it out. It was actually that night that I accepted that Bad Ass was superhuman. My head was hozed, but at the time I truly thought he lifted that car up off the ground and carried it back to the road. I had already given up and accepted I'd be sleeping behind bars that night.

Those who do go to Austin MUST party w/ Bad Ass. You will not forget it...well you will via a blackout, but you won't forget the blackout.


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