Tuesday, September 14, 2004

NFL Results Week 1

Well I didn't end up having time yesterday to go over my results and give a Monday Night pick. That's for the best,a s I would have picked Carolina anyway.

Results Straight Up
11 wins and 4 losses. Not too bad for straight up. I was shocked Houston and Baltimore were as awful as they were. I was not shocked to see Buffalo and TB lose, as I thought they would be close.

Results with the Spread
7 Wins and 7 losses and 1 tie. Ouch! I will say, in a desperate attempt of an explanation, I made these picks on Wed, and by Sunday the spreads had changed where I would have had another push in the Indy/Pats game. But oh well. A .500 record means I didn't lose any $, assuming I bet the same amount on each game.

H Vasco Conin arrives on Thursday, so I will have to try and cram this weeks' picks in early again. Sometimes that helps, sometimes it hurts.

I have photos from last week about another emergency surgery on Otis (who is now so huge it's scary, and he's got about a 15 pound pumpkin going. Hopefully over the next 6 weeks it really blows up in size to be, well, blown up.)


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