Thursday, October 21, 2004

All Kinds of News and other stuff

I have some very sad news to start with. Our friend Vinnie from the Limecell crew passed away in his sleep 2 nights ago. He was only 32 years old and leaves a wife and 2 kids. We first met Vinnie back in 1997 at the CoS Supershow in Lawrence, KS. He was a very funny and great guy. I didn't know him as well as I would have liked, but I know how much he meant to our buddies in Limecell. I'm happy I did get a chance to party with him over the years in cities all over the country, thanks to the CoS. I hadn't seen him in a couple of years until we played Philly with the Jabbers back in June. I was hoping he would show up and he sure as hell did. He spent our entire set right up in front of the stage, giving me shit. Playing in Philly won't ever quite be the same. RIP Vinnie, you will be very much missed.

How about them Red Sox? As many of you will remember I ended my last post with this sentence:

"Oh, and the Red Sox, unlike the PATRIOTS, are losers. Congrats to all Yankee fans out there, now I know what fans of teams that play the PATRIOTS feel like every Sunday."

I'm beat after staying up for the last 4 nights until God-Awful times to watch the games. But it wasn't until Game 5, and David Ortiz hitting in the winning run after a 6 hour game that I actually began to believe. However, being horribly superstitious, I did not dare edit my stance, or mention the Sox at all. I was sure I would jinx it if I said anything. With that said, boy was I wrong! However there has been a little reported side to this story. As you well know, the Patriots/Seahawks game ended at around 4:30 PM on the day of Game 4 Sox/Yankees. Apparently a limo was spotted leaving Gillette Stadium by a person who was also going from the Pats game to the Sox game. As luck would have it, they happened to stay close to this limo the whole ride. As they were looking for parking near Fenway park, they caught sight of the same limo pulling up to the Players entrance. Who exited the limo? Bill Belicheck!. He strode with a military stride into the clubhouse. I have a feeling it was Belicheck who made these players realize what needed to be done.

Also in regards to Sox, I really we hope we play the Houston Astros in the World Series. Mainly because I know my man MC TOOFDK, who works on Roger Clemens' Harley in Houston, is more than willing to sabotage the bike in order to cause an unfortunate accident that, while not permenantly injuring Clemens, will cause him to miss the Series. Right TOOFY?

Now on to my NFL Results

I had a very tough week, as you can see below

Only 8 out of 14. That brings me up to 57 wins and 40 losses for the year straight up. Note however how some of my upset picks were very close. However I will pick much more carefully this week.

Sunday, October 17, 2004

Quickie NFL picks

As promised here they are. I don't have time to provide my detailed analysis. Necro from the Kings of 'Nuthin came up to the compound on Friday with a buddy from Switzerland. So we've been in a total booze cocoon since. Christ,I'm still drunk, and we're already, at 8:30 AM, boozing again to get ready for the PATRIOTS game at 1 PM.
It's gonna be a LLLLOOOOOOOOOOONNNNNG day. Anyway, last night we went to Exeter to see Satan's Teardrops. Trafton and his crew are so fucking good. They just plain rock. True Rock-n-Roll at it's finest. Although I came close to starting a fight with this hippy douchebag. I have two broken ribs, and have, as Necro keeps saying, "Torn my tittie muscle off my rib cage". But this hippy pissed me off so much I was willing to go into battle at a significant disadvantage. Instead, someone bought me a Red Bull and Vodka, so I was happy.
Gotta run for now. Here are my picks for the week.

Oh, and the Red Sox, unlike the PATRIOTS, are losers. Congrats to all Yankee fans out there, now I know what fans of teams that play the PATRIOTS feel like every Sunday.

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Jesus Christ it's been a long time

I can say without a doubt that broken ribs fucking suck. I have been in a percoset-induced haze for the last 2 weeks. Normally, that is hardly a bad thing, except in this case I actually needed the damn things, and even then everything still hurt, I was just too fucked up to really care about it.

Anyway, I have fallen hopelessly behind in my football picks. Luckily, all the picks I did here in the past I also did in my Yahoo pick'em league. So the first part of this update is to show my progress, as the following three screenshots show:

So I have 49 wins and 26 losses for the season so far straight up. To be honest I'm way to perc'd out to try to do the math against the spread. It was hard enough to do this part. Oh BTW I am in First Place in this league.

In other news
Otis the pumpkin plant has passed on. However he left behind a very nice pumpkin, probably about 40 pounds. Much smaller than I hoped but weather and other things held him back. I have decided that this pumpkin will not be blown up. Instead I will harvest the seeds and give another go at it next year. Anyone can go buy a 40 pound pumpkin to blow up. However it's hard to get a hold of a 300+ pound pumpkin. So Otis Jr will return in the spring.

New Shows
On 11/3 in Portsmouth, NH at the Muddy River Smokehouse, the Tunnel rats take the stage with our friends the Guts, and B-Face's old band the GROOVIE GHOULIES. This should be a blast. I LOVE hanging with the Ghoulies. They are some good folk, and super talented to boot.

On 11/11 the Tunnel Rats take the stage in Cambridge, MA with the Resistoleros! For this in their caves, this SAMMYTOWN of Fang fame new band. They have a record out on Steelcage Records and it totally kicks ass. We played with these guys in Las Vegas last year and they blew me away. I can't wait to play with them again.

For all details on the shows, check out .

That's it for now. My football picks will be up in the next couple of days, along with some other stuff.

In the meantime, don't panic. The Red Sox may have lost game one, but Pedro will get his revenge tonight. Douchebag of the year Gary Sheffield better make sure his batting helmet is on tight or that BITCH is gonna be carted off on a stretcher.