Sunday, October 17, 2004

Quickie NFL picks

As promised here they are. I don't have time to provide my detailed analysis. Necro from the Kings of 'Nuthin came up to the compound on Friday with a buddy from Switzerland. So we've been in a total booze cocoon since. Christ,I'm still drunk, and we're already, at 8:30 AM, boozing again to get ready for the PATRIOTS game at 1 PM.
It's gonna be a LLLLOOOOOOOOOOONNNNNG day. Anyway, last night we went to Exeter to see Satan's Teardrops. Trafton and his crew are so fucking good. They just plain rock. True Rock-n-Roll at it's finest. Although I came close to starting a fight with this hippy douchebag. I have two broken ribs, and have, as Necro keeps saying, "Torn my tittie muscle off my rib cage". But this hippy pissed me off so much I was willing to go into battle at a significant disadvantage. Instead, someone bought me a Red Bull and Vodka, so I was happy.
Gotta run for now. Here are my picks for the week.

Oh, and the Red Sox, unlike the PATRIOTS, are losers. Congrats to all Yankee fans out there, now I know what fans of teams that play the PATRIOTS feel like every Sunday.


At 10:11 AM, Blogger WIDOWMAKER said...

so do you still think the bosox are losers?
fuck new york!


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