Sunday, May 29, 2005

Here's a closeup of the best catches of the night. We're filling up the frog pond tomorrow Posted by Hello

That time of year again. Ayup, if anyone of y'all remember the post from this time last year, it be frog/toad huntin' season. On the way back home from the bar today the hunting was so good, we had to leave at least 2 dozen behind, as we had run out of tupperware. Here is Mara with some of the best catches. One baby tree frog, a decent sized toad, and two big ol Bullfrogs. Posted by Hello

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Ode to a True Bad Ass

I've lost one great friend.

Dr. Charles Leighton was a mentor, inspiration, and a fucking BAD ASS.

I will expound upon this subject at greater length in a future post. I'm still in shock. Charlie Leighton was a man who grew up in the nastiest part of South Boston during the Great Depression in a dirt poor family. He seemed destined for failure by social class alone. He ended up, through fucking HARD WORK, getting into Harvard University on a full scholarship. He got his masters and his Phd at Harvard as well. Charlie Leighton truly beat all the odds he had stacked against him.

Unlike all of the "professional" IVORY TOWER academics these days, he took his first teaching job at the University of New Hampshire in 1954. AND HE NEVER LEFT.

He preferred the company of BLUE COLLAR working stiffs to the supposed defenders of the "working class" that were his "colleagues". You know the type, those who will talk about the working class but shudder at the thought of having to actually be anywhere near the working class.

Over the last ten years there were countless nights spent at the bar with me, Charlie, Captain Leech, and all of our buddies. There was only one rule: NO EGGHEADS talking all smarmy and shit about lofty subjects. If a stranger came in and tried, Charlie was the first one to say, and I quote verbatim, "YOU'RE A FUCKING ASSHOLE!"

If the egghead was too dumb to take the advice, Charlie, literal genius he was, would debate the fucker into the ground in mere minutes. Oftentimes he would take the side of argument he personally didn't agree with. (Sorry Charlie, I know you'd kill me for leaving a dangling preposition, but I am drunk after all. I know, I know, that's not a good excuse. I'm sorry.)

I have been to many a biker-party with roasting pigs on spits, half naked women, and stumbling drunk tattooed freaks with Charlie. There he would always stand, with his big ass cigar in mouth, big white bushy beard and long hair, looking like the least likely person to hold a Harvard Phd.

He was never hanging out at stuffy black tie affiars with Merlot dripped into tiny glasses where those academics engaged (in Charlie's own words) "fucking circle jerks talking about how smart they are".

I tell ya, faithful readers. This loss hurts. A lot.

Friday, May 13, 2005

The best picture of all. I have this whole scene on video thanks to my even more wrestling geek than I friend JPB. This was the day that Sullivan called the true spirit of EVIL out of the sea, the PURPLE HAZE. Of course he had help from his minions Bob Roop and Fallen Angel. At tis point, expect nothing but drunken posts in honor of Kevin Sullivan for the foreseeable future. I'm just following orders. Posted by Hello

One of the best incarnations of Sullivan's Army of Darkness. Who would have thought that Sullivan's mind-control could work on the likes of Sir Oliver Humperdink (far right) and Superstar Billy Graham ( far left)? Posted by Hello

Fucking A was Sullivan cool or what? I remember seeing him wrestle in Borckton for the Savoldi;s against Kendall Windham in this ge4t up in 1985. Needless to say true justice prevailed as the uber Christian good old boy Texan was left laying bloody and burned by Sullivan's Golden Spike and a fireball to the face. Posted by Hello

This is when Sullivan called Mark Lewin out of the sea to join the Army of Darkness. I think my friend Bad News Hughes should try this tactic to help protect him from all the lesbians he angered by taking out the bathroom window in their secret hideout. Posted by Hello