Tuesday, August 16, 2005

I know I promised an bigger update oh, 'bout 2 weeks ago. Things did not go as planned. You see, things have just been way too busy on this front. I just don't have time for anything but work at this point. Even my bar hopping and drinking has suffered, which believe me is far more important than all those e-mails I haven't replied to, the bills I haven't paid and the Mustang that sits in my garage not driven since last Ocotober because I don't have time to fix it. However I did fell obligated to post this pic. It's not every day one is driving down the street in my town of 2500 people and you just happen to have your digital camera handy, and then you see THIS. Yes, that is in fact Greg the Hammer Valentine in his full wrestling gear leaning on a telephone pole on the side of Wadleigh Falls Road in Newmarket, NH.  Posted by Picasa