Monday, February 27, 2006

All hail Chaos!

It's a good thing, in the long run.

Been too long since an update. I'll keep it brief.

Only been skiing TWICE this year, so far. Which is horribly wrong. There are many to blame, of course myself being one.

However when you work for a Fortune 100 company, and where my sector of said company is basically controlled by a Fortune 50 company (hell my company may be in the top 50 and the other could be in the top 10, I have no desire to research)[UPDATE I DID THE RESEARCH. MY COMAONY IS IN THE TOP 50, AND THE CUSTOMER IS IN THE TOP 15 FOR WHATEVER THAT'S WORTH}it makes one's life be at the beck and call of the customer company. I am not alone in this. There are 100+ people who are in the same boat as myself. I reckon I could quit, but that's not in my nature. I'll either survive, or end up a quivering puddle of ulcerated flesh in my office with puddles of stomach acid oozing from my pores.

There could be worse ways to check out. Look what my man Zeus did to poor Prometheus. That poor dude gets his liver ripped out every day by an Eagle. Then it grows back for the process to repeat. Actually in my case a new liver every day would not be a bad thing. I just would like to avoid the being chained to a rock part of it, if at all possible in case you're reading this Zeus.

Speaking of bad livers, Necro has lived with us for the past couple of months. Actually he just finally made it to his new home in North Carolina. But he didn't get off that easy, he left part of his thumb behind in New England. Actually he left it behind in Ipswhich. I have a feeling he's gonna start having horrible nightmares involving frogpeople and sooner, rather than later, Cthulu, the evil ancient God will take over his mind. You can't leave your flesh and blood behind in the prime area where HP Lovecraft clearly wrote that the Cthulu worshipers resided.

Actually, to anyone who knows Necro, he may have been under the control of Cthulu for longer than we ever imagined. One thing is for sure, to anyone who has hung around that area of Ipswhich, and the points west on the North Shore of Mass, you KNOW why HP Lovecraft wrote such stories. Those people are fucked up, at least the old time locals.

In any event, I work too much lately, which thereby indicates I also smoke too much. I never drink too much, because being Portuguese and Irish that's a genetic impossibility. I'm still alive right?

Oh, and our whole town here is divided on voting to get the $ for a new school. There are signs up everywhere that say VOTE NO and VOTE YES. I wish I was more involved with local government. I would have tried to introduce option 3. VOTE TO KILL THE CHILDREN! That way, not only would the town avoid having to come up with 25 million to build a new school, they could get rid of the existing 6 million dollar school budget. I would have wanted to do that just to see how many votes it got. I bet around 50. There are a lot of really bitter old people in this town who hate all the Massholes who have moved here in the last 5 years. Hell, they might have volunteered to kill the children themselves. One thing I do know, none of those poor kids who parents are Massholes know how to handle a weapon. Ah well, as Captain Morgan once said to Captain Wearing about invading Maircaibo "We're just daydreaming Jaime-boy. Being Governor is going to require some restraint".

Lastly, here is an interview with the local surgeon who performed major surgery on my good friend the Cod God.

You can read his blog HERE